Organizing with Ease Podcast

Episode 30 - Teachers' Gifts

December 01, 2022 Zeenat Siman & Diana Moll Season 1 Episode 30
Organizing with Ease Podcast
Episode 30 - Teachers' Gifts
Show Notes

Are we ever grateful for teachers! This week, we're talking all about the teacher gift-giving culture in our schools, and we've got some great ideas for teachers' gifts this year!

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Note cards/personalized Stationery
Independent bookstore gift card (Books & Books)
365 New Words A Day 2023 Calendar
Edible Arrangements
Jo Malone Holiday Gift Sets
Beekman Gift Sets 
Pottery Barn Personalized Gifts
Bath & Body Works 
Etsy - Personalized Teacher Tote Bag
Etsy -Teacher Organizing Bin Labels

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