Organizing with Ease Podcast

Organizing Trends in 2024!

January 18, 2024 Zeenat Siman & Diana Moll Season 3 Episode 89
Organizing with Ease Podcast
Organizing Trends in 2024!
Show Notes

In episode 89, we let you know what's "in" and what's "out" in the world of Organizing! We're also attending Podfest Expo 2024, our first trip to a podcasting conference, and we're excited by all there is to learn, and all the people we plan to meet! And we share what's coming up for YOU in our organizing offerings so that 2024 can be the organized year you want it to be.

The organizing ins:

  • the rise of 'snugs' in American homes
  • sustainability in organizing and donating/discarding our unwanted things
  • fixing culture

The organizing outs:

  • the Khloe Kardashian clear cookie jar styling
  • extreme decanting
  • excessive, over-the-top, labeling
  • rolling carts everywhere (although we love rolling carts!)

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Resources mentioned in this podcast:
Wall Street Journal article on snugs in American homes
Real Simple article on organizing trends that are out of style


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